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                                                                                                  JANUARY  MEETING
                                          FREE PIZZA   //   DRINKS   //          A U C T I O N   !!!       FUND RAISER  !!!      //  COME EARLY   6PM / 6:30 PM
  Bring old / new / unused / fishing / Flyfishing equipment // waders /rods / books /reels/ anything you would't mind donating to the club / also we're AUCTIONING anything you'd like to sell 
Our idea is to sell items and 1/2 money raised goes to the club  ( To help offset costs of speakers // our most costly part of running club ) 
Come early // help me organize event  ( 1st annual Auction )  Come and help me ( abuse) Fred  " The Big Deal " for anything he might donate  ha ha !!!
Any ideas w/ putting this together call me      Thanks    Brian Mac Elroy  610 368 6032 c

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