[DMTU-News] Reminder Aprils Speaker Musky on the Fly

Frederick Dewees fdewees at bop.gov
Mon Mar 25 04:19:23 PDT 2019

Just a Friendly reminder for Aprils meeting 
Next months meeting April 2nd will be Adam Page and Jeff Kashuba from Musky Inc. Chapter 50 (MI50) they will review general information on muskies such as different strains, habitat, age, etc. They will also discuss the tools and tactics for safe handling and release. With primarily focusing on fly fishing for these fish and they will display the flies and rods used, so folks can get a look at what gear is needed to target this game fish . 
We have some good Musky water close by, this presentation will be a great way for some of you to expand your species wheelhouse and start to chase after these toothy critters .  
As always we will have our pre-meeting social at Tom's pizza in Aston starting around 530ish , some members have mentioned that they cant make 530 at Tom's if your late it wont be a issue come join us anyway 
Tight Lines 
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