[DMTU-News] Spring Stocking of Ridley Creek Fly Stretch

Edwin Metzner evocheltree at gmail.com
Sat Feb 1 12:20:36 PST 2020

The 2020 stocking schedule for Pennsylvania is available. Go to the PA Fish
and Boat Commission website and click on stocking schedule to find the
dates and locations that your favorite streams will be stocked by the state.

For the Ridley Creek fly stretch, the date is March 10th. PFBC will deliver
trout by truck. As always, DMTU volunteers will be on hand to help with the
fly stretch stocking. Fish will be bucketed from the dam to the bridge
pool. A float will be loaded with fish and DMTU will walk the float
downstream to distribute fish as far as possible. Stocking dates can
change, especially due to  adverse weather conditions. Notice will be sent
out if we learn of any changes.

Mark the March 10th date on you calendar and join us if you can. The event
usually begins around 12:30 PM and lasts for two to three hours. If you
have any questions, please contact me.

Ed Metzner
evocheltree at gmail.com
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