[DMTU-News] Fly Tying February 11th

Frederick Dewees fdewees at bop.gov
Fri Feb 7 11:56:37 PST 2020

Mary Kuss will be our featured tyer this Tuesday, Mary will be
demonstrating some of her favorite and original patterns to tie, the
patterns will be C.K. Nymph, M.K. Baby Crayfish, and the MK Cricket.
Please read the following material lists bellow in this email. She will
have some materials on hand for those who are in need.  Class will be
held in the upstairs party room of Pinocchio's Pizza in Media doors open
around 630 pm and tying will start around 715 pm.  Electrical outlets
are few and far between so don't forget to bring an extension cord for
your tying light .And please don't forget take care of our server. All
are welcome hope to see you there. 

The C. K. Nymph

Hook:  3XL standard or curved nymph hook, sizes 8 to 12
Thread:  Black 6/0
Tail:  Mallard dyed Woodduck
Hackle:  Grizzly (a large feather from the bottom of a dry fly neck is
Body:  Peacock herl, or black yarn
MK Baby Crayfish
Hook:  #6 Mustad 3366 or equivalent 	    
Thread:  Danville 3/0 Monocord, Brown
Wire:  0.025” lead or lead-free
Weight:  XS nickel-plated dumbbell eyes (or other dumbbell eyes of your
Tail:  Grizzly Marabou, Brown or Sculpin Olive
Glue:  Loctite Brush-On Super Glue or equivalent
Body:  Brown Micro Polar Chenille
Legs:  Silicone legs, Pumpkin/Orange/Brown Barred or similar
Dubbing:  Wapsi “Craw Dub,” Rusty Brown, or equivalent
The MK Cricket
Hook:  #10 Tiemco 101 or equivalent
Thread:  Black 3/0
Underbody:  Black dubbing
Body:  Black closed-cell foam bug  body, or cut from sheet foam
Legs:  Black Flexi-Floss
Wing:  Dyed black deer body hair (short hair with dense, even tips is
Thorax:  Spun black deer hair
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